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Frankfurt, 10/21/2017

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Jungle news

Frankfurt * The Jungle      - EXPLORE THE CITY -

Frankfurt * The Jungle is a new interactive Walking Tour, which lets you playfully discover Frankfurt and its sights
– via an exciting SMS-text scavenger hunt!
Start your own Walking Tour with your cell phone and a spirit of adventure. Tasks and tips are sent via SMS-text,
which you can solve alone or with friends.
Let the fun begin: Simply register and take off on your first challenge today to discover Frankfurt's urban jungle!



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Try it. It´s free!

Try it. It´s for free!

Send a SMS-text with Play
to +49 151-12014818.
(Normal SMS-text charge apply).



How does Frankfurt *
The Jungle work?
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Let the fun begin!

Off you go!

Frankfurt * The Jungle
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